How to grab attention and increase sales [Free Ebook]

Posted by Kim Neumann on October 17, 2016

Many of us receive an average of 140 emails a day. Can our brains even process that much? Not likely. So what’s a marketer to do in the already crowded health and wellness space?


The answer: Be extraordinarily helpful.


One of the most effective ways we can earn someone’s attention (and media attention, as you’ll see in one example below) is by stepping in people’s shoes, then stepping up to solve one of their problems. The Buyer Persona ebook [get yours right here] will help you get started.


Here are a few examples of organizations going above and beyond to solve problems – from the pesky to the massive – and making a positive impact in their respective communities:


  • Title Nine, retailer: Hassle-free returns. An unbeatable 360-day returns policy, wrapped up in fabulously authentic brand taglines like “For Real Women for Real Bodies.” Solving the everyday headache of returns.


  • Hubspot, marketing & sales platform: Free Website Grader. A tool that diagnoses a website’s performance, all on one page, all free. Answering the marketer’s question, how’s our website doing?


  • Psyched in San Francisco’s Sidewalk Talk, psychotherapy group: Taking therapy out of the office and onto the streets. Solving any number of human ails and helping people feel heard, understood and connected to others – one listener at a time. Featured on NBC, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, The Washington Post and more.


So it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Or how big or small (or downright impossible) the problem may seem. Making a positive impact starts with going beyond surface demographics to see where you can fill an unmet need.

All great ideas start with a few good questions, such as: 

How can I be essential to my customer’s sanity, and what would that look like?
How can I make just one incremental improvement to what we’re already doing?
How can we get more people involved in one of these bigger ideas, from the ground up?


Exploring these questions can ultimately lead you to that wow! factor that generates attention, traffic, and buzz in the very communities you want to build.


Grab the Buyer Persona Ebook to assist you in this discovery process. It’s designed to help you:


  • Step outside your usual role so you can serve your customers and prospects in unexpected ways
  • Feel your buyer’s pain, and see where you can help
  • Breathe new life into your blogs, offers, and emails
  • Help you connect better with your audience
  • Add dimension and value to your products and services


And the really big reward?

You’ll not only grab attention and increase sales, but you’ll build a reputation as a great resource within your customer’s larger community and the industry as a whole.

Topics: Email Marketing, Buyer Personas

Written by Kim Neumann